Guest Blog – Jonathan Waterman

Jonathan Waterman is an award winning, wedding and events Toastmaster And MC, Coordination, Consultant, Celebrant, Booking Agent and more. Jonathan prides himself only on the utmost of professionalism, working closely With clients in order to ensure there wedding or event will be well structured And ensuring they will have memories for a lifetime and beyond. Jonathan Is very pleased to be collaborating with all events childcare, he feels that Childcare is necessary to all weddings and events, and Lisa and her team will Discuss various options with you in order to put your mind at ease, knowing That the children will be well cared for, this is an essential part of the whole Process. Looking forward to future collaboration.


Guest blog – Carole

Hi, my name is Carole and I’ve been working for AEC for about 18 months now , so I thought I’d tell you about my experience. I have been nannying for over 40 years and have found myself in a lot of different situations . I have dealt with all sorts of different people , demanding different things from me . So when I heard about AEC , I wondered if I really wanted to undertake any more demands on my time and patience. However I can honestly say it has been a real joy . From the moment I met Lisa, who came to me at my home, at a time and day that suited me. We hit it off immediately . It wasn’t like talking to some one , who potentially could be my boss, she was more like a friend . After Lisa had checked all my documents and we had chatted for ages, I just waited for a suitable job to come in for me. Despite all my experience, I still worried about wether the children would like me or if I was up to the job or not . My first experience was eventful , with one of the children vomiting her Indian meal all over me !! Despite that I really had a fun time with Lisa and Sarah and after that the only way was up. Since then I have covered a 1-1 which I enjoyed , and several crèches in different locations. No two crèches are alike, as it depends on several factors. How many children, how old they are, how demanding they or the clients are etc. But what I do know is that each one is fun in it’s own way. I have also represented AEC at a couple of wedding fayres , with the lovely Sarah , who runs the second crèche. Although it’s a long day we have such a laugh and meet others in the wedding industry, which is always good for helping AEC to go forward. So the question is, do I regret taking it on ? Absolutely not, it’s a change from nannying , because you get to work within a team . All the other nannies that I have so far met , seem lovely . Plus , out of all the childcare companies I know , Aec is the most thorough and the best . So let me get into my pink t shirt and bring it on !!!!!!

Guest Blog: Nannying for a child with additional needs – by Anna Wood

I left my career in special needs education in 2014 and decided to move into nannying full time. I had always temp nannied and weekend nannied alongside my main career but had decided to make the move and become a full time nanny.

I knew I wanted to continue to use my skills and experience, and for me that meant finding a post with a family who had a child with additional needs.

I initially temped and looked at what age group suited me, my skills and what I enjoyed the most.
In January 2015 I felt ready to commit to a permanent full time post and found my perfect fit.

I now nanny for two children, a toddler and a school age child. Who at the time of starting the position were a baby and a reception age child.

Whilst my position is very similar to many other nannies, I have the usual nursery duties, after school activities, school runs, nursery runs, school holiday fun etc, there are also a few things in my job description that are different.

I am responsible for ensuring the medication stock is maintained, I order and collect medications for my youngest charge. I also attend the majority or medical and therapy appointments and feedback information to parents immediately afterwards. On occasions that extra tests such as blood tests are needed, I ring my charges parents to obtain permission before proceeding.

Making resources to carry on speech therapy targets at home is another of my responsibilities, one I really enjoy.

Due to my charges health needs in the early days of my time with them, my workplace was often the local hospital where I would arrive at my usual time and stay with my charge during my working day ensuring parents could rest before doing the night shift. I built great relationships with the play team at our local hospital who are all fantastic and so helpful to families and children during their stay in hospital.

My role with this family is an honour and a joy. Seeing the progress made by my charge over the last 22 months has been incredible, I’ve helped to teach my charge to sign, speak, walk etc, something all nannies do, but because it takes that bit more effort and practice for a child with additional needs it feels even more brilliant!
Working with a child with additional needs is in many ways no different to working with one with typical development, all children require patience and guidance. The joy and pride myself and my charges parents felt when my charge walked, a year after they took their first steps was amazing.

When people ask questions about my charges development, saying will they do this, or that? I reply of course, like every child my charge will meet all their milestones, we’re just taking the scenic route to get there, and in todays fast paced society, the scenic route is actually often nicer with a better view along the way.

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