I would like to introduce myself to you all properly.

My name is Lisa Roberts-Andrade and I am the owner of All Events Childcare.

AEC came about whilst I was having a coffee with my husband in our kitchen.

He is a multi instrumentalist and plays at many weddings and events.

He was on his way out to play at a wedding local to us in a hotel. This got me thinking about weddings and childcare , which I mentioned to my husband , to get his thoughts.
It was from that conversation that I thought about building something up, something different, which would enhance a brides wedding day .

Having recently sold my previous business, Tenerife Childcare one month prior ,which I owned and built up over 6.5 years, I had itchy feet and wanted to get stuck into a new project.
After doing some research and seeing if there was a niche in the market for a company like this. On finding that there wasn’t I went for it!!!!

I got to work on all the services we could offer and had my lovely brother in law design my company logo and banner.

With having over 20 years experience as a nanny and 12 years as a maternity nurse, plus having the experience of running a very successful childcare company before, I felt that I know what it takes to make sure everyone gets the treatment and service they deserve.

In the short time that AEC has been running we have come so far!!

Having never paid for any advertising, we are going from strength to strength and our name is really getting out there.

We have even had hotels contact us, which is just amazing and I am so proud that we now work with 45 hotels in the areas we cover.
Our wonderful promo video has helped the company immensely as it shows people exactly who we are, and what we do. We have had so many compliments from both companies and parents as it shows real dedication to the company.

We will continue to offer a 5* service at each and every event we attend. We have come a long way in the wedding industry as we won an award within the first 9 months of trading for our childcare services. Having seen and attended so many weddings during the time we have been running, has really helped as we can now advise couples on what we think would be the best option for them having the experience we have now.

We now offer so many more services than when we first begun and will continue to keep bringing new and fresh ideas to the company as we go along.

We now offer gift vouchers aswell that can be purchased for certain services we offer. For example Babysitting, or our overnight service.

All Events Childcare would not be complete without the wonderful team of nannies we have on board.

It is them who make us who we are ,with their consistency, loyalty and support and anyone who has had us at their event will be able to say that they are true professionals and just amazing at their job.

Please do continue to tell all of your family and friends and spread the word as so many of you have generously been doing.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Lisa X