As many of you know, All Events Childcare cover several counties across the UK but this weekend saw us in Swansea, Wales!! This is somewhere that we don’t cover as it is far too far for us to travel as I am sure you are aware! A few months ago, Nikki Flaherty (now Wise) contacted me via text message. She had been recommended to me by the new owner of my previous company, Tenerife Childcare (small world).

Nikki got in touch to explain that she was getting married and looking for childcare for her 1 year old son. At first I thought it would not be possible, as even if it was a full day’s work, it is still a 4 hours drive each way and it would be too much. So I thought this could be possible if I traveled up the day before and checked into a B&B close by. I ran this thought past Nikki and we went from there and booked and confirmed the date…. It was settled, I was going to Wales!

The wedding was on the Friday and I was needed all day so I started my journey on the Thursday lunchtime. Ah, I forgot to mention that by this time, Nikki and her fiancé Matt had already booked and paid for a lovely hotel for 2 nights, PLUS they had booked for me to have dinner with them and some of their other wedding guests.

I had no idea just how stunning Reynoldston and Gower in Swansea would be. I was in absolute awe and to see sheep, lambs, horses and ponies so free and literally crossing the road as they pleased, a new one on me, I can tell you!

Meeting Nikki and Matt on my arrival was great, such lovely, warm and genuine people. Then along came Oliver, my new BFF for the next day. What a little charmer, only just turned one year old and I was sold instantly by his beaming smile. After a lovely meal and meeting some really lovely people, it was time to get some sleep before the day itself.

Photo of Lisa with bride

Friday was soon upon us… The wedding day!

After a good night sleep and a hearty breakfast, I was fuelled and ready to go!! Driving the 3 miles to get to the venue I was really looking forward to seeing my buddy again and being there to see a lovely couple say ‘I do’. The day was brilliant and I was made to feel so included and welcome, it was just unbelievable. I honestly must have put on 2/3 lbs from all the food I ate!
Oliver was as good as gold while watching his Mummy and Daddy getting married, my little trooper. After a fun filled, jam packed day, it was time for me to take and settle the little man for bed. This was not difficult as he was totally shattered and fell asleep while drinking his bottle of milk and having a cuddle.

Several hours later, the bride and groom said goodbye to their guests and came upstairs to take over from me. What an incredible day, couple, baby, place, I could go on and on! Back to the hotel to get some sleep and then it was on the road, bright and early the next morning to reach my next destination , which was Tamworth near Birmingham.

Photo of 20 week old baby smiling and laughing

This time I was caring for a beautiful baby boy of 20 weeks old during the day , and then onto evening hotel babysitting until Mummy and Daddy came back from a friends wedding . Finally , the last part of my journey home to Northamptonshire.

To finish, I would like to say a very big, heart warming THANK YOU, to everybody at the wedding for making me feel so special with their kindness and generosity. Also, I would like to wish the happy couple many congratulations on their special day and many years of love, health and happiness in front of them.