Up & out the house early for the AEC road trip to Silverdale for a wedding crèche with 40+ children. First stop was Lisa’s house to meet the rest of the gang & load the sleeping stuff into the car before hitting the road again. Next stop BREAKFAST!! Very important to keep 7 nannies happy & fuelled for what was a long day.

Once arriving in Silverdale; the dramas of trying to find ‘The Silverdale Centre’ began, no one seemed to know where it was.. oh wait it was still called ‘The Leeds Children Centre’ but hey ho we found it, unloaded the car & set the crèche up – laughing and giggling as we went along, in an unusual set up. Oh and the view was amazing!! The crèche was in a slightly unusual set up, in a dormitory with sections. Each section had different toys including; bouncy castle, cars, pop up tents, books & space hoppers.

The children slowly started to arrive, for the first couple of hours, we only had a few children which was lovely. Over the next couple of hours there was a steady flow of parents dropping their little ones off so both parents and children could have some fun. The evening soon came & it was time to chill out, split between 2 rooms: older children watching a DVD & the younger ones sleeping in an array of travel cots & buggies; all relaxing after a fun filled day.

After 14 hours, lots of laughter, smiles & fun the crèche was over! Fun had been had by all!

Blog author – Courtney Rochelle Akerman