I was first told about the Wedding Industry Awards last summer by 2 of the brides who we provided a mobile crèche for at their wedding.
They had found a couple of their other suppliers from TWIA (The Wedding Industry Awards) website the year before.
To be honest, I didn’t think too much of it ,although at the same time I was intrigued to find out more ,so I went onto the website to have a little look around.
It did look very interesting and had some exceptional suppliers who had already entered.
After having a chat to a few of my colleagues I thought to myself, what have I got to lose by entering…. So I did!
I was not for one minute expecting to either be nominated or shortlisted , due to the fact that we had only been an established company for 9 months and thought it was way too early for us to be considered.
A month passed and to be honest I had totally forgotten that I had entered.
I was then flicking through my emails as I do each day and came across one from TWIA .To my amazement it said that we had been shortlisted and were in the running for the regional award for all of the East Midlands.

Wow, wow, wow!!!!

All Events Childcare Wedding Industry Awards
All Events Childcare Wedding Industry Awards

I can honestly say that I was not expecting that at all,but naturally, was completely over the moon.
I ordered two tickets for my husband and myself to attend the awards ceremony ,which was being held at one of the most stunning venues in Northamptonshire ,who we are now very proud to be suppliers for – The Granary at Fawsley.
During the time between receiving the email and going to the awards ceremony ,which was in November 2015 it was all down to …. What to wear?!
I had absolutely no idea as I’ve never been to anything like this before .I did however know that I wanted to try and look my best and it was the perfect excuse to dress up and go glam for the night.
The night itself was here before I knew it and I was an absolute bag of nerves ?
I think it was nerves of, if I do win will I fall over walking up to the stage? what will I say? will I stammer on my words? I quickly reassured myself by thinking that no way will I win , so I should just enjoy the whole experienceI of the evening and feel proud that I’ve come as far as I have.
The founder of the Wedding Industry Awards, Damian Bailey came onto the stage at around 9pm and started the award ceremony …. This was it!!!
All Events Childcare was in the special touch category.
The excitement and atmosphere in the room was electric.
The winners were being read out and I was clapping and cheering away for them and then I hear “and now for the special touch award” … OMG, this was it.
Will we? Won’t we?

…I could feel myself starting to tremble and then “the winner is……… ALL EVENTS CHILDCARE!!!”

Well, that was it, my legs went to jelly and I remember distinctively hearing myself shout out ‘NO WAY’ before trying to get up out of my seat to walk to the stage to collect my award and badge.
I cannot begin to tell you the surge of happiness that Came over me. It’s not often I say this ,but my goodness did I feel proud. I was absolutely ecstatic and I’m sure everybody in that room knew about it!
Once I came down from the stage I was led to the side to have my photo taken with my award and then once the other winners were read out I was asked to go to the side to have a short interview .I was absolutely petrified but the camera crew were amazing and put me at ease instantly.
I was literally still bouncing off the walls three weeks later and just randomly smiling as I reflected back over the evening.
We were then automatically shortlisted for the National finals .These were being held in January 2016 at the cafe de Paris, Piccadilly Circus in central London.
I asked a few of my colleagues if they would like to attend this night with me , and on the night itself there was myself, my husband, Sarah, Sam and Carole.

Lisa at the wedding industry awards

Again, we got dressed up to the nines and hit the City of London.
The venue was absolutely out of this world, the food was amazing the entertainment was incredible and everyone was dressed to the nines and feeling so proud of themselves for getting this far!
We did not win the National finals ,but I was not saddened by this ,as the fact that we won an award at all and within the first nine months of trading was just more than I had ever imagined .I was already so so proud of myself and my wonderful team as without them, we would not be who we are today!
Also, we had 11 Brides and grooms who voted for us and without them, we would not have made the shortlist either ,so a huge thank you to them for believing in us and giving us such incredible reviews on the services we provided for them on their special day.
Since the awards in January, we have been so much busier as a company and have taken so many bookings from brides and grooms who have found us on the wedding industry awards website.
I remember the very next day , after receiving the regional award ,receiving an email from a client saying many many congratulations . Also could they book us for their wedding as they felt reassured and confident that we were the right choice for them because of the recognition that we had gained.
Since the awards last year, we have so much more to offer as a company ,with more experience and more fun services now added, such as our popular photo booth.
Will I be entering the awards again this year I hear you ask? …. Oh I think I will be, yes.